Yerba Santa Smudge

Yerba Santa Smudge

Smudging or ritually burning sage is a Native American tradition for healing, clearing a space, and as a religious ceremony. The original meaning of the ritual was that the rising smoke carried the request to Spirit. In modern times Sage is often used to remove household odors and is said to alleviate airborne germs. Native Americans burned Sage to clear both the mind as well as the home. Sage has long been considered a ‘cure-all.’ In the 17th Century, John Evelyn wrote “a plant indeed with so many wonderful properties. It is said to render men immortal.” Sage was used in baths to soothe aching muscles and tired feet. In the Middle Ages, Sage was a conventional medicine and was used to cure everything from coughing to venereal disease. In China, Sage tea is a favorite beverage for quieting the nerves and keeping one well.


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