The Modern Chameleon LLC

candle soap monthly subscription 12 months

$420.00 USD
Subscriber will receive our curated candle of the month plus a black travel tin for 12 months plus a scented or unscented  handmade soap bar.
We will send different scented candles for your enjoyment always fresh.
Every month, you will receive a full-sized seasonal candle, a travel candle, plus a soap bar. Shipping is now included in price. Discounts do not apply.
any question email us directly at

This month subscription is a great way to celebrate the special memories of your loved ones. This beautiful handmade -piece boxed set includes our monthly candles and our monthly subscription-time necessities (just fill up this candle with a few scents for a nice fragrance to make the candle smell as good as it looks). Our candle soap monthly subscription 12 months range is great for celebrating the special moments in life!

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