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Maple Cream Soy Candle

$42.00 USD
Maple butter, maple sugar, maple chai it's all wrapped in one candle.Fragrance story: takes you back to the family reunions and the home-cooked desserts Sweet maple Cream relaxing ginger, brown sugar, and buttermilk for memories of warm, creamy pastries and decadent sweets.

The beautiful Maple Cream Soy Candle is a charming addition to any room. The classic scent of maple is blended with notes of orange blossom and brown sugarcane, creating an enchanting fragrance that will bring joy into your home this Christmas season. These hand-poured scented wax vessels are the perfect choice for a candle making or gifting experience as they have a unique blend of woody spices, sweet and tart fruits and musk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and just about anything you want to add a touch of elegance to.

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